Carlotta paredi

“In high school I participated in several volunteer trips as a medical assistant in Ghana and Madagascar. This was when I realized that I want to find a career that allows me to help people, and why I chose a degree program in Physical Therapy. I think I made the right choice: physical and psychological well being is what matters most to me”.

An at-home physical therapist specialized in geriatric rehabilitation and a certified Pilates instructor. She is pursuing a specialization in hydrokinesis therapy, lymphatic drainage and advanced Pilates technique.

After obtaining her degree in Lugano in 2018, recognized by the Swiss Red Cross, Carlotta began work straight away as a freelance at-home physical therapist in Italy. 


In 2019 she started working as an at home physical therapist in Ticino, while obtaining certification as a Pilates instructor. 


She became part of the Kinetic Center team in 2020, handling at home therapy, hydrotherapy and therapeutic Pilates courses. 


Currently she is pursuing a specialization in advanced Pilates at the Italian Fitness Academy and by the end of the year she will be recognized as a EUROPE ACTIVE Pilates instructor at the European and international level. 

Carlotta is very fond of photography and collecting polaroids, loves mountain hikes and reading nonfiction.  


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