Many illnesses or neurological dysfunctions have an impact (sometimes quite significant) on a patient’s mobility and level of independence. 


At Kinetic Center we offer programs designed to guarantee a higher level of autonomy in patients who present this type of problem. Our physiotherapists have already helped numerous patients suffering from migraines, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, fibromyalgia and radicular syndrome, working closely with doctors, specialists, and members of the family to establish successful rehabilitation protocols. 


In palestra, in piscina e per chi fosse impossibilitato a raggiungere il centro, alleniamo forza, equilibrio e coordinazione, coadiuvando le nostre sessioni di allenamento con trattamenti elettromedicali.

In the gym, in the pool and for those who cannot come to us, we work on strength, balance and coordination, assisting our training sessions with electromedical treatments.

Neurological rehabilitation


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