carolina magni

“I always wanted to find a career that would allow me to help people. I became a physiotherapist because I chose to cultivate the continuous tie between trust and empathy with my patients, something that as a doctor or nurse I would not have been able to do”.

An at home physiotherapist specialized in geriatric cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, Carolina is currently pursuing a specialization neurologic rehabilitation. She practises therapeutic pilates, special lymph drainage techniques, proprioceptive recovery and neuromotorial control. 

After obtaining her physiotherapy degree in 2012, Carolina began working as a therapist in Lugano. At the end of 2018 she joined the Kinetic Center team, focusing her work on at home physiotherapy. 


Specialized in geriatric, cardiorespiratory and neurological rehabilitation, she continues to attend professional developments courses, thus adding lymphatic drainage, therapeutic pilates, proprioceptive recovery and neuomotorial control to her vast range of practises. 


When not working or studying, Carolina loves going to concerts with friends and taking pictures of the world around her. She loves motorcycles, travel and discovering new cultures and cuisines. 


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