Jacopo Soranzo

“In Elementary school I broke my arm while skating, and this was how I discovered the role of physiotherapist. I have always loved talking to people, learning about their history, and this is why I chose this work.”

Founder and manager of Kinetic Center. Jacopo is undergoing specializations in orthopedic rehabilitation, manual therapy, dry needling and the Maitland, Mulligan and Graston techniques.

Immediately after obtaining his Physiotherapy degree in 2009 in Lugano (recognized by the Swiss Red Cross), Jacopo began working as a therapist at several Ticino rehabilitation centers. 


Passion and hard work converged, such that in 2011 he decided to join forces with a few colleagues and open a center for rehabilitative medicine in Lugano in 2011.


In 2017 he founded Kinetic Center on his own, where he now works as a physiotherapist and manager. 


Jacopo regularly participates in professional development courses in Switzerland and abroad. 


When he’s not working, Jacopo loves sports such as diving and running, but most of his free time is dedicated to his family and rediscovering the world together with his son Matteo.


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