Personalized blood flow restriction (PBFR)

Treatments - device driven

Personalized blood flow restriction (PBFR) is an innovative method used in the field of rehabilitation and in the world of sports. 


The treatment has its origins in the treatment of American soldiers. 


PBFR is used to treat lower and upper limb problems. This technique is based on the restriction of blood flow using a tourniquet. 


By restricting blood flow, one can work on strength and hypertrophy using light loads, obtaining results similar to those using heavy loads. 

This method is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic tendinitis, muscle lesions, and for increasing muscle mass after surgery (for example after an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, joint cartilage repair, rotator cuff suture, or achille’s heel tenorrhaphy) allowing an earlier passage to the phase of resistance and hypertrophy/the increase and growth of muscle cells.

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