Pelvic floor muscles are very important for both women and men. 


Menopause, andropause, pregnancy, childbirth and local surgery can lead to the weakening, loss of sensibility or control of these muscles resulting in problems like incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain. 


Kinetic Center offers a urogynecological or proctological rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, a series of manual or electromedical rehab measures that can be active or passive based on each patient’s specific personalized treatment plan. 


Following a medical diagnosis and physiotherapeutic evaluation, we offer several rehabilitative treatments: 


  • Exercises to improve tonicity, strength and awareness of one’s perineum

  • Electrostimulation to activate the pelvic muscles

  • Biofeedback, which controls the phases of muscle contraction and relaxation

  • TENS, which relieves chronic pain to allow for exercise of sensitive nerve fibers

  • TTNS to restore the peripheral and central nervous systems  


Our specialized physiotherapy arranges each session taking into consideration which aspects to improve on, providing a detailed report at the end of each treatment cycle. 


Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a service recognized by all basic health insurance providers and is for people of all ages, with utmost respect for patient privacy. 

Urogynecological rehabilitation



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