sara balTuzzi

“I always loved doing sports and chose to be a physiotherapist because I was looking for a dynamic, active career that would allow me to always be active. I quickly discovered that the part of my job that I love the most is the ability to help others.”

Specialized in geriatric rehabilitation, at home physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, Sara obtained her degree in Lugano in 2015 and subsequently worked at several Ticino clinical centers.

Since 2018 she chose to divide her time between a home for the elderly and Kinetic Center, where she takes care of patients requiring hydrotherapy - in other words physiotherapy in the pool - and at home physiotherapy treatments. 


Alongside a demanding workload, Sara continues training in the physiotherapy sector, pursuing an Advanced Studies Certificate in manual therapy at SUPSI. 


In her free time, she loves singing, outdoor sports and travel - something she began to love as a result of a long stay in the United States during childhood.


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